The trilogy of Mithras


The play includes three episodes.
First episode: which backs to ancient era and it is the story of an astronomer who invents something new in astronomy by a female prediction. He puts his effort on blurring ignorant people on the earth to avoid the outbreak of foolishness.
Second episode: It shows a genius person who goes to his artist friend’s apartment to explode a renowned tower. He argues this act as the presence of some scientists and genius people in the tower who plan their new projects for the people all around the world, the projects not only unsuitable for the luck of human being, but also lead him toward diseases, poverty, adversity and war. The genius person asks his friend to leave the tower since it was about to be exploded with his apartment but he unbelievably encounters his wife in his most intimate friend’s bedroom…
Third episode: It is the story of a lonely woman who intends to exterminate her infant since the infant will cause crime and homicide. She invites all the women to a still war which means that she asks all of them to stop pregnancy so that the earth is gradually depopulated and voided of injustice and corruption. She is in a struggle between loving her child and herself. Finally she puts the infant in a basket and releases it into the lake…
All the three episodes reveal a conflict, the second episode is in conflict with the first one and the Third one is in conflict with the previous two ones, as if they are resulting in a unique resolution.



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