Simin Amirian is an Iranian contemporary dramatist. She holds a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in drama, Cultural Center, in University Malaya UM. She is graduated from Cinema- Theatre University in the field of Dramatic Literature (MA), and Tehran University (BA) in Iran.

Simin has written more than 25 plays which most of them have staged, and several of her plays have also been translated into English. Simin is the lecturer in Art and Architecture University in Tehran.

She has started her artistic experiences in painting and sculpturing in 1986 and five years later (1991) started her work as animator and puppet maker in Iran National Television. After entering Tehran University, she wrote her first play (the Fable of Crow). Her other plays for kids including who’s clever? , The Parrot and Night-cap Papa , Golgis,Little Bibi and…published by Namayesh Publication, Madrese Publication, Dana and Ghatreh Publication and got staged in different parts of Iran. Along with kids scripts her adult plays were published and staged. Some of her works translated in English are: Mirtas, Amber, Parrs’cat and I, The Hidden shadow So, what do you want,…

As a director she started her work in 1990 and directed more than 16 plays.

On Puppet playwriting and its techniques she has written many articles and compiled Play writing for the Puppet theatre which is specifically on writing for puppet theatre. In 2000, four volumes of her translations of 20 puppet plays were published by Rabia publication. Another two translations of her are Puppet Tales Ghatreh Press /2004, “Storytelling Made Easy with puppets” / Ghatreh Press /2004.

Moreover, Simin travelled to different parts of the world like Poland, Armenia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia and America (USA) to participate in workshops, conferences and have performances.

A Chronology

List of publications and Articles presented:


Dramatica, Teatroypolitica.M-26461-2020.
NIPO Un estudio sobre el teatro y el poder

2020  Magical years of thinking/
Research in the lyric poems of Shams Tabrizi

Amirian. S., Yousof. G. S(2017),The Influence of Sufism on  Eric–Emmanuel  Schmitt’s work. Fundamental and Applied Sciences. Vol 9, No 1S › jfas › article › viewThe influence of Sufism on Eric–Emmanuel Schmitt’s work | Journal …

Article :
Amirian. S., Yousof. G. S(2016), New Physics  And Schmitt’s Work ( Einstein’s Treason)History Culture and Art Research

Article :
Amirian. S., Yousof. G. S(2017), Taziyeh.Tirai Panggung Jilid ,Vol 13

A Yusuf. G. S(2017), Takziyah.Tirai Panggung Jilid ,Vol 13

Amirian. S.(2015), Organisaing Theatrical Groups With Noble  Managerial Strategies.Theater Quarterly › …Web resultsسیمین امیریان ساماندهی گروههای نمایشی با شیوه ی نوین … – فصل نامه تخصصی تئاتر NO. 59 ISSN 1735-0239
Article in the seminar published in the book with the following link › Puppetry-All-Tim…Web resultsBuy Puppetry for All Times: Papers Presented at the Bali Puppetry Seminar …

Seminar :

Amirian. S.(2016). Disorientation Script In Digital Theater.Baku:
Amirian. S., Yousof. G. S(2014), Kheimeh-Shab-Bazi-Traditional Iranian Puppetry.

Indonesia: Jl. Tegal Bingin Kemenuh, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali

: Amirian. S., Yusuf. GS(2014), Khotimah-Shen-Bazi-Traditional Iranian Puppetry.   Indonesia: Jl. Tegal Bingin Kemenuh, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali
Bali puppetry festivals

2019, Darvak& musician cat,performed in Honar(art)hall Tehran

2018 , One night, movie, made in 2019

2018, Deities,Screenplay

2017 Independence in Closet,published in Tehran, Mahpaar publication.

2017 Independence in Closet,published in Tehran, Mahpaar publication.

2013 So, What do you want?

2012 Parry’s Cat and I, performed in University of Malaya in 2014

2009 Amber (translated into English) Bilingual performed in Theatre City, Sayeh . (Shadow)Hall 2009/ Published in Afraz Press2010

2008 Magic Sparrow, performed in Tehran, Honar (Art) Hall /2009
2008 Hidden Shadow, (translated into English)

2007 Trickster Shiboon

2007 The Ant and the Grasshopper

2006 Mithras Trilogy (English and Persian languages), performed in Tehran’s City . Theaters, Chaharsue. Published in Tehran, AfrazPress.2009

2005 Soliloquy / sketches, performed in Tehran’s City Theater, Asli Hall 2005

2003 Iranian miniature, performed in Tehran, Ferdosi Hall, 2004/ The diploma of honor

from Varna International Festival, Bulgaria,(2005)

2002 21 Minutes

2001 Dibukha , performed in Honar(Art) Hall, Tehran 2006

2000 Professor H., performed in Tehran’s City Theater, Chahar Soo(Four Sided) 2001

/published in Ghatreh press 2002

2000 Magician Bingelboon , performed in Honar(Art) Hall, Tehran 2003

2000 little Bibi, performed in Honar(Art) Hall, 2001 /published in Tehran Rabee Press2002

2000 The Stamp of Clay

1998 The Swan Lake, performed in center theater Tehran 1999

1996 Golgis

1992 Forud,

1992 The pea and the Cold troll, Performed in Puppet Theater Center, of Theater and Puppet

Theater Production of Institute in Development of Children and Young

Adults, Tehran in1995/ published by Puppet Theater Center press in 1996

1991 Mouse and coins

1990 The Parrot and Night-cap Pa

1990 Whole Short Stories

1990 Fallacy of Mirror

1988 The Fable of Crow, Performed in Tallar-e-Honar, Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Kerman

1991, 1995, 1999, 2000 Published by Namayesh Press1989,

Published by Madreseh Press in 2000, Awarded as The best writer in 2000, Tehran

1988 Who is clever? Performed in Mehrab Hall, Tehran in 1990

Published by Namayesh Press 1990


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